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Malware virus fix remove infection Parma Cleveland Ohio

Virus Removal Anti Malware Removal for Business

Most of the time an infected machine will be rather obvious, it can be slow, have more advertisements than usual and advertisements in places you would not expect. Some programs may not even open. There could be pop-ups or even worse; the machine could become inaccessible and taken over with "ransomware" where your machine becomes "locked out" sometimes password protected. In general, the longer you wait the more severe the issue could become. Cleveland Computer Guy is an expert at removing these threats and is ready to take on whatever they throw our way.

Malware virus fix remove infection Parma Cleveland Ohio

Rogue Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware

Sometimes a machine can become infected with fake protection, or "Rogueware" that appears to be doing the user good and scanning and removing infections from the PC. However, at the end of the fake scans you end up having to pay money, and even then you still end up with an infected machine. We can remove these rogue infections and set you on the right path with REAL anti-virus.Cleveland Website Design Search Engine Optimization PC repair

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 Anti-Virus / Malware Cleanup solutions

With any eradication of virus infection we perform you will get the following:

All threats removed

Remove any non-functioning or expired Anti-virus solutions

System cleanup

Windows updates performed

AVG Free installation on all residential machines 

Paid Antivirus of your choosing for commercial machines

Physical dust clean-out from internals of machine

Remote Virus Repair is also available

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