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Search Engine Optimization

If your business is hiding in Google, Bing, and other search engine results, potential customers are surely going to your competitors. Your website can have higher ranks with a digital marketing SEO plan from Cleveland Computer Guy.


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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine optimization or SEO is the manipulation of a website’s content, keywords, phrases, and structure to achieve better / higher organic ranks on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.


SEO can be thought of as a tuning process that is used to give your business more exposure on the internet. We start by doing research for keyword phrases relevant to your business, then, map out an effective campaign strategy as we get to know your competition through digital marketing research. We then generate quality content, social media presence, and backlinks relevant to your business or product. It is what gets YOU found, therefore, increasing revenue.


What is SEO?

  • Creating quality content for your SEO campaign
  • Rearranging or changing existing content for optimization
  • Making behind the scenes changes to HTML and PHP code etc
  • Creating quality back-links / inbound links
  • Business Listing services
  • Local Business listing
  • Social Media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Mobile friendly Search Engine Optimization

Mobile friendly web sites are now a must since Google will be making mobile searches a priority on all future products due to mobile searches starting to outweigh desktop searches.

Cleveland Computer Guy does SEO

With our value added base packages you can easily get started right away, or we can build a custom SEO campaign to fit your businesses' budget and needs. 

Search Engine Optimization SEO services in Cleveland, Ohio

On-Page SEO

Quality, Focused Content “Content is King” 

Having highly relevant content on your subject is the top priority, and rightly so because it is really what Google likes. We only practice “whitehat” SEO services because what google wants is our number one goal and SERP results and CTR will follow.

Speed optimization

In the search engine, world speed is a big thing and has an effect on your SERP ranks. We use tests like Googles own "PageSpeed Insights" and other tools to find out what is holding your site back and then perform optimizations to improve upon those scores, whether it be image compression optimization, script optimization, leverage caching or others.

Mobile optimization

More than half of all search queries are from mobile devices. Google has grown in favor of mobile device web pages for SERP rankings. We can verify you have a responsive site that looks and performs well on all platforms.

Title and URL optimization

We correctly use your keywords to title pages and create relevant URL names.

Header optimization (H1-H6)

Properly using headers allows you to focus your content on the desired keywords in your page

Meta Tag optimization

Modifying your search engine snippet to be relevant and stand out to a potential customer.

Alt and description tags

Search engines “read” images through alt and description tags, having relevant tags is important to overall SEO.

Outbound links

It is also important to build a quality outbound link profile with relevant links to high authority domains.

Off-Page SEO

Backlink analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your inbound link profile, and that of your competition. We can find backlinks that help or maybe hurt. We find quality backlink opportunities through the competitive analysis allowing us to build new high-quality backlinks, and if needed remove ones that are not to your advantage. With our anchor text profile analysis, we can also determine if you have over-optimized anchor text, and if it might be hurting ranking.

Social Media

Social media marketing is big and has a major effect on rankings. It is important to have a positive reputation within the social sites and build on brand with shares likes and links. We offer social media marketing with the top sites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Secure site SSL

There is much mention about Google giving a slight boost to websites that possess an SSL, and in fact, it will eventually be the standard. We can easily convert your unsecured site to a secure SSL site to take advantage of this.

Google Penalty Recovery

Have you noticed that your site activity has sharply dropped, or maybe you see your keywords dropping through the SERP ranks more than the normal fluctuation? You could have been penalized, sandboxed, and or de-indexed from the latest google Panda 4.0 roll-outs or another algorithmic slap. This will be obvious while viewing your Google Analytics.

Manual action recovery

If a quality control engineer has noticed that your site unnatural backlinks, appears spammy, has been hacked or maybe it has thin content with very little added value, you may end up with a manual action de-indexing. The recovery process involves correcting whatever it is the has been manually picked up on and penalized. You will be able to see the manual spam action in google search console. We can analyze your situation and determine the best course of action to get back where you were, and beyond.

Google Disavow and reconsideration Request

If our inbound link analysis determines that you have an unnatural link profile, we can identify what backlinks are giving you the bad wrap, attempt to get them removed and use the disavow link tool for the ones left over. If your content was thin with little or no added value, spammy, or maybe your site hacked, we can also correct those issues and perform a reconsideration request.