Computer repair services cleveland ohio

Computer Repair for Business

Cleveland Computer Repair services

We can fix or replace your failed desktop components with new parts

HDD replacement and data migration or cloning to new drive

SSD upgrade greatly improve speed / Performance

Power Supply upgrades and replacement

Motherboard / Mainboard / Logicboard replacement

Graphics card (Video Card GPU) upgrades and replacement

Wire management

Computer Repair

Computer Repair services

PC Performance Optimization

Performance optimization services that breathe new life into newer and older Computers

System cleanup:

Malware, virus, and rogue software removal

Remove unnecessary startup items

Replace / update outdated software

Gamer PC / Desktop design and upgrades

We have gamed for years and realize needs of the everyday gamer

Memory upgrades

Case upgrades

CPU upgrades

CPU and system cooling upgrades

GPU upgrade

Water Cooling

Hard drive cloning service including SSD upgrade without windows re-installation

  • Data recovery from failed device to new device
  • Upgrade to a large HDD without starting over
  • Upgrade to a faster more efficient Solid State Drive SSD without starting over

Add an additional drive (SSD or HDD)

Add a drive for more space or more boot options. 

computer repair

Motherboard or component replacement

  • We price shop to find the best deal on components
  • Motherboard replacement
  • CPU replacement
  • Cooler and fan upgrades or replacement
  • Power supply replacement
  • Memory upgrades and replacement
  • GPU Graphics card upgrades

Upgrade to a new computer or PC

  • We can build a custom PC
  • We can recommend the best machine based on needs 
  • We price shop on your behalf
  • Transfer data from old to new computer
  • Performance optimization
  • Bloatware removal  

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